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What is the most depressing life story of an IITian?
DWQA Questionsवर्ग: QuestionsWhat is the most depressing life story of an IITian?
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Competition Mantraadmin answered 2 वर्ष ago

The most depressing part is that IITians can never reach their full potential in any big or small thing.

This is where 90% of IITians will end up:

  • Middle level job in a cubicle farm in a very large company where nobody cares for them even when they are fully capable of starting a company or organization that can change not just their country but the world.
  • Living in no-name suburban sprawl in USA/India watching stupid TV channels in a middle class home even when they can afford to live in the world’s best cities and get a chance to imbibe the best entertainment civilization can offer.
  • Eating home-made food every day and every night even when essentially any cuisine in the world is available to them
  • Getting arranged married to a girl/boy from small-town-India when pretty much any girl/boy in the world can be theirs (if they just invest even 10% of effort they invest in their stupid CGPA)

Most of us IIT-ians live an insecure life constantly worrying about grades, money, achievements and time without realizing how lucky we are in all four.

Competition Mantraadmin asked 2 वर्ष ago
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