Online Practice Set for Railway Group D Exam 2018 of 20th July 2018.

Online Practice Set for Railway Group D Exam 2018 of 20th July 2018.

1. A nursery has 5000 plants. 5% of the plants roses and 1% is marigold. What is the total number of other plants?

[A] 4200.
[B] 4250.
[C] 4750.
[D] 4700.

2. Which of the following does not contain oxygen?

[A] Pyrites.
[B] Carbonates.
[C] Silicates.
[D] None of the above.

3. NASA's mission that aims to get the closest to the Sun than ever by any human-made object has got its revolutionary heat shield "Thermal Protection System or TPS" is:

[A] Aviator Solar Probe.
[B] Minius Solar Probe.
[C] Parker Solar Probe.
[D] Heather Solar Probe.

4. Excise duty on a commodity is payable with reference to its:

[A] Production, Transportation and sale.
[B] Production and transportation.
[C] Production.
[D] Production and sale.

5. Which one of the following planets has no moon?

[A] Mercury.
[B] Mars.
[C] Neptune.
[D] None of these.

6. Which country is hosting the 17th World Sanskrit Conference (WSC-2018)?

[A] Canada.
[B] Australia.
[C] Brazil.
[D] India.

7. Who was the first Indian bowler to take Hat - Trick in Test Cricket?

[A] Harbhajan Singh.
[B] Anil Kumble.
[C] Kapil Dev.
[D] Kapil Dev.

8. Scheduled Banks have to be registered with:

[A] Finance ministry.
[B] SBI.
[C] RBI.

9. Name of the Javelin thrower who clinched a gold medal at the Sotteville Athletics Meet in France?

[A] Jagdish Bishnoi.
[B] Neeraj Chopra.
[C] Ravinder Singh Khaira.
[D] Vipin Kasana.

10. What does AICTE stand for?

[A] All India Centre for Technical Education.
[B] All India Council for Technical Education.
[C] AU India Centre for Training and Education.
[D] None of the above.

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