Practice test for Railway Group D Exam 2018 of 24th July 2018

Practice test for Railway Group D Exam 2018 of 24th July 2018

1. Among the following which is the only snake that builds a nest?

[A] King Cobra.
[B] Viper.
[C] Krail.
[D] Python.

2. The Sualkuchi Textile Park is located in which state of India?

[A] Meghalaya.
[B] Jammu and Kashmir.
[C] Karnataka.
[D] Assam.

3. Which Indian journalist has authored the book “Eleventh Hour” to pay tribute to the men in uniform?

[A] Madhu Trehan.
[B] Hussain Zaidi.
[C] Karan Thapar.
[D] Arun Shourie.

4. Ram has Rs. 6 more than Mohan and Rs. 9 more than Sohan. All the three have Rs. 33 in all. Ram has a share of:

[A] Rs. 16.
[B] Rs. 7.
[C] Rs. 13.
[D] Rs. 10.

5. A is father of C whose son is D. E is mother of F whose brother is D. What is the relation of A to E?

[A] Brother.
[B] Grandfather.
[C] Father.
[D] Father-in-law.

6. Which country conducts drill in Tibet 1st time since Doklam standoff?

[A] Pakistan.
[B] Bangladesh.
[C] China.
[D] Nepal.

7. Substances which dissolve in moisture when exposed to it are called:

[A] Efflorescent.
[B] Hygroscopic.
[C] Deliquescent.
[D] Fluorescent.

8. Anatomy is the branch of science which deals with:

[A] Cells and tissues.
[B] Structure of animals and plants.
[C] Animals behaviour.
[D] Functioning of body organs.

9. The Supreme Court has stayed NGT’s order declaring a silence zone in which holy shrine?

[A] Amarnath.
[B] Badrinath.
[C] Vaishno Devi.
[D] Kedarnath.

10. What does MODEM stands for?


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