Famous Inventions and Discoveries and their Inventors

Famous Inventions and Discoveries and their Inventors

Inventions & Discoveries

Inventors and Discoverers

Adding Machine Blaise Pascal
Barometer Evangelista Torricelli
George Eastman
Laughing Gas Humphry Davy
Crystal Dynamics C.V.Raman
West Indies Christopher Columbus
Electric Battery Alessandro Volta
Liquid Oxygen
Sir James Dewar
Elevator Elisha G. Otis
Modern Computer John von Neumann
Telegraph Samuel Morse
Safety Pin William Hurst
Film (with sound)
Dr. Lee de Forest
Nuclear Fission Otto Hahn, Bohr and Fermi
Steam Engine James Watt
Galvanometer Andre-Marie Ampere
Watch A.L. Breguet
Raman effect C.V.Raman
Samuel Colt
Helicopter Ernest Broquet
Oxygen Joseph Priestley
I.Q. Test Alfred Binet
Spectroscope Robert Wilhelm Eberhard Bunsen
Levi Strauss
Periodic Table of Elements Dmitri Mendeleev


“Elisha G. Otis was the founder of the Otis Elevator Company”

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