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History of The First Mughal Empire in India – Babur

History of The First Mughal Empire in India – Babur

History of The First Mughal Empire in India – Babur Jahiruddin Muhammad Babar was the founder of the Mughal dynasty in India. The Mughal rulers were originally residents of Central Asia and were descendants of Taimur. Babur was born on 14 February 1483 in Andijan. Presently Andijan is located in Uzbekistan. Father’s name of Babur was Umar Sheikh Mirza who was then the governor of Farghana. Umar Sheikh Mirza was the great-grandson of Taimur.  Babur was the eldest son of Umar Sheikh Mirza. The Persian word Babur means Tiger. The Babur became the ruler of Fargana in 1494 A.D. Babbar hold the title of “Badshah” in 1507 AD.

Facts about Babur

  • Babur invaded India five times.
  • The first invasion was done in 1519 AD at Bhira and Bajaur. This campaign was against Yusuf’s race.
  • The first battle of Panipat occurred on 21 April 1526 between the Afghan ruler of Ibrahim Lodi and Babar, in which Babar had won.
Babur invaded India five times.
  • Babur used Tulugama war policy and a cannon for the first time in that war.
  • Babur was given ‘Sanga Kalandar’ title after the first battle of Panipat due to his generosity towards Kabul habitant.
  • On 17 March 1527, there was a war of Khanwa between Rana Sanga and Babar in which Rana Sanga was defeated.
  • Babar gave a jehad slogan in the Battle of Khanwah.
  • In celebration of victory in the Khanwa war, Babar holds the title of Ghazi.
  • Babur defeated the Afghans in the Battle of Ghaghra on 6 May 1529 AD.
Babur composed his autobiography Tuzuk-e-Babari in the Turkish.
  • Babur died on 27 December 1930 in Agra.
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  • Initially, Babur was buried in Agra’s Aaram Bagh. Later he was buried in Kabul again.
  • After Babur, his son Humayun became his successor.
  • Babur is a national hero of Uzbekistan and many popular folk songs of this country have the lyrics from his poems.

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