India ranks 81st in Global Corruption Perception Index 2017

Transparency International released its annual Global Corruption Perception Index 2017 on 21st February 2018. India was ranked 81st amongst 180 countries with a score of 40. Some countries of Asia Pacific including India were named worst performers in ensuring freedom of expression with journalists, activists and opposition leaders threatened or killed.

New Zealand and Denmark have aced the list with a score of 89 and 88 respectively. Syria, Sudan, and Somalia are the worst performers garnering a score of 14, 12 and nine respectively.

Key Point of Global Corruption Perception Index 2017:

  • India’s score has remained unchanged at 40, but it slid two spots in rank from 79th in 2016.
  • Amongst its south Asian neighbors, it ranks behind Bhutan and China at rank 26 and 77 respectively. It fares better than Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Myanmar which rank 117, 143, 91 and 130 respectively.
  • Amongst BRICS economies South Africa aces the group ranking 71, Brazil at 96 and Russia at 135.
  • India along with Philippines and Maldives was termed as one of the worst offenders of graft and freedom of the press. The data by Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) was also included in the index report. It stated that in the past six years, 15 journalists investigating corruption cases were murdered in the above mentioned Asian countries.
  • The Western European region is the best performing with an average score of 66. Sub-Saharan region is the worst performing with its score averaging 32.

Facts of Global Corruption Perception Index:

  • The Global Corruption Perception Index is being published annually since 1995 by Berlin-based NGO Transparency International.

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  • The aim was to include the problem of corruption in the discussions on public policy.
  • The index ranks 180 countries on a scale of 0-100 with 0 being the most corrupted and 100 being cleanest regarding the perceived level of public sector corruption.

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