List of Some Great Women in Indian History | General Knowledge

List of Some Great Women in Indian History | General Knowledge

First Female in India


First female Monarch in India

Prabhavatigupta of Vakataka dynasty

First female Pilot a locomotive engine Surekha Yadav
First female Lawyer Cornelia Sorabjee
First female to do Doctorate of Science Asima Chatterjee

First female Indian National Congress President

Annie Besant

First female Supreme Court judge M. Fathima Beevi
First female Physician Kadambini Ganguly
First female to go to Space Kalpana Chawla
First female Monarch of Delhi Sultanate Razia Sultana

First female President

Pratibha Patil

First female Governor Sarojini Naidu
First female Railway Minister of India Mamata Banerjee
First female Minister in India Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit
First female Chess Grandmaster Koneru Humpy
First female Pilot (Indian Air Force) Harita Kaur Deol

First female To Cross Gobi Desert

Sucheta Kadethankar

First female IAS officer Isha Basant Joshi
First female Bus driver at Delhi Transport Corporation Sarita
First female IPS Officer Kiran Bedi


Razia Sultan was born as Raziya al-Din in 1205 in Budaun, Uttar Pradesh. Her full name is “Raziya Begum bint. Shams-ud-Din Iltutmish”

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