North America : The Third-Largest Continent

North America : The Third-Largest Continent

North America is the third-largest continent in the world in terms of area. It contains 16% of the total land area of the world. 9% of the total population resides in North America. There are a total of 23 countries in the continent.

Columbus discovered North America  continent in 1442 AD.

Frost water stream called “Labrador” and the hot stream of water stream called “Gulfstream” flows on the east coast of North America. The native of North America is “Red Indian“. Because of the industrial development, this is most flourishing continent.

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Quick Facts related to North America for Competitive Exams:

  • The temperate grasslands of North America field called “prairie”.
  • The highest soybean and maize producing country in the world is the United States on this continent.

The largest port in the world New York is in the North America continent.

  • The biggest freshwater lake in the world “Lake Superior” is here only.
  • The country mining the most silver in the world Mexico is in North America.
  • The world’s largest newspaper’s paper producing country Canada is in this continent.
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