Rashtrakuta Dynasty and it’s History

Rashtrakuta Dynasty and it’s History

Dantindurg was the founder of the Rashtrakuta dynasty. He made Manyakhet near  Sholapur, as its capital. Rashtrakuta ruler Krishna I created the famous Kailash temple of Ellora.

History of Rashtrakuta Dynasty

  • Dhruv was a great ruler of this dynasty. He participated in the ‘trilateral struggle’ to take control of Kannauj and defeated Pal Raja Dharmapal and Pratihar ruler Vatsaraj.

Dhruv holds the title of ‘Nirupam Kalivallabh’, ‘Shrivallabh’ and ‘Dharwari’.

  • Govind III also defeated Pal Raja Dharmapal and Pratishhar ruler Nagabhatta II by joining the ‘Triple struggle’.
  • During the rule of Amogarh, there was a great development of religion and literature. Amoghavar composed a poetic book ‘Kaviraj Marg’ in the Kannada language. It provided protection to Jansen, Mahaviracharya and Sakatiyan.

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  • Indra III had occupied Kannauj. During the period of Indra III, Arab resident Al-Dasuddi had traveled to India. It has called Indra III the best ruler of India in the erstwhile rulers.
  • Krishna III was the last great ruler of the nation’s nation. It held the title of ‘Kanchiyum Tanjeamkond’. In this court, the great poet of Kannada language was ‘Pannan’ who composed ‘Shanti Purana’.

The last ruler of Rashtrakuta lineage was ‘Cancer II’.

  • The Rashtrakuta kings maintained a friendly relation with the Arabs of Sind.
  • When the Gurjara-Pratihara was engaged in fierce struggle against the Arabs, the Rashtrakutas were profiting by carrying on trade with the Arabs.
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