Vladimir Putin wins the fourth term as president of Russia

Elected for: President, Russian Federation

Date: 18 March 2018

Party: Independent

Vladimir Putin won a fourth term as president of Russia with an overwhelming majority . As polls indicated that he had captured as much as 77% of the total ballots cast. The incumbent president was widely expected to win after the strongest opponent in the race was disqualified. Alexei Navalny, an anti-corruption activist who had organized several mass rallies against Putin, was barred from running for past criminal conviction.

About Russian political system:

The Russian Federation has a Republican, presidential system of government where the president is elected by direct votes. The presidential terms are six years, raised from four years during 2008. Each party that is represented in the State Duma can nominate a candidate to run .

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And independent parties/candidates have to submit signatures from a set number to run. The Russian Constitution formerly barred presidents from holding more than two terms. However, in a power switching agreement, under Dmitry Medvedev(who was president from 2008 to 2012), the constitution was amended to allow Putin to run again.

Election fraud in the Russian system :

The Russian system has often been criticised for widespread fraud, and Putin’s third re-election was followed by widespread protests calling for more open elections. In 2018, these allegations persisted with further criticism for disqualification of the popular candidate Alexei Navalny. Widespread ballot stuffing and forced voting were reported but allegations are unlikely to be considered by the election body.

Key point related to Vladimir Putin :

With a fourth term, Putin will likely maintain his grip on power in Russia for the next six years. Since Putin’s first presidential victory 18 years ago in 2000, he has been the undisputed strongman. With this victory, Putin will have the mandate to continue his military intervention in Syria, as well as the occupation of eastern Ukraine.

Facts related to Vladimir Putin wins the fourth term as president of Russia:

  1. Vladimir Putin is a former KGB officer and started his political career as mayor of the Russian city of Saint Petersburg.
  2. Alexei Navalny’s mass calls for actions against corruption attracted the biggest protest crowds since the protests of 2012 against Putin’s reelection.

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